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    We're always interested to hear from talented, driven individuals to join our rapidly expanding Engineering and Field Operations teams or to volunteer with us.

    Prospective applications should be sent to careers@oorjasolutions.org.


    If you have any questions about a job at Oorja, please email us.

    We're a team of mission-driven, hard-working individuals. We care about social justice and climate change and strive to build an inclusive and responsible company culture. Our values are equity, integrity, openness to new ideas, accountability and diligence. But we also know how to have a good time together.

    Available Positions

    New Delhi • Engineering

    Oorja seeks an experienced electrical engineer to oversee the design, engineering, procurement, installation and O&M of safe and efficient solar electrical systems.
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    New Delhi • Engineering
    Oorja seeks an enterprising, self-starting individual to assist in auditing, simulating and selecting viable sites for solar installations in rural communities.

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