• CSR Partnerships

    Our work supports multiple aspects of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and India's Corporate Social Responsibility Rules. Partner with us to tackle energy poverty, improve livelihoods and combat climate change in the areas where you work.

  • Why partner with us?

    Oorja’s focus on rural development and clean energy supports 12 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and India’s Corporate Social Responsibility Rules (Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013) on “promoting gender equality and empowering women”, “ensuring environmental sustainability” and “rural development projects”.


    Energy access is an underfunded area of CSR with the potential for widespread impact across education, health, rural development, skills training, environmental protection and empowering women.


    Our technical expertise and regional knowledge enable us to quickly implement our solar energy solutions, including smart mini-grids, water pumps and street lights at our project sites and bring about lasting rural development, from cleaner indoor air and safer homes to lives of greater dignity and less hard labour.


    We use a community ownership model, which allows us to create new jobs and provide local skills training in the use, maintenance and management of our installations, further accelerating economic development.


    In all our projects we aim to integrate women along the entire value chain, from being technicians to customer service agents. Skills workshops equip them with technical and entrepreneurial skills to start their own businesses powered by clean energy.

  • How can you partner with us?

    We are willing to partner with sponsors and NGOs interested in modern, sustainable energy technologies to improve rural livelihoods. We have several programmes, which corporates can contribute full or partial CSR funding towards.

    Implementation time: 3 months

    Number of beneficiaries per installation: 1,000

    Impact areas: Clean Energy, Rural Development, Livelihoods, Job Creation.



    Implementation time: 2 months

    Number of beneficiaries per installation: 200

    Impact areas: Agriculture, Rural Development, Environmental Sustainability, Poverty Eradication, Food Security, Climate Resilience.



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