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Oorja wins the Echoing Green Climate Fellowship 2015: $90,000 in seed funding, mentoring and leadership opportunities.

We are delighted to confirm that we have been selected for the Echoing Green Climate Fellowship. This great award provide us with $90,000 in seed funding, mentoring and leadership opportunities and access to the strong network of Echoing Green partners.

The Climate Fellowship is specifically targeted for next-generation social entrepreneurs committed to working on innovations in mitigation and adaptation to climate change. The threat of global climate change is one of the greatest humanitarian and economic challenges of our time. Their interest is in considering the full spectrum of responses to the climate crisis – from innovative technology in Silicon Valley to community organizing in the developing world.

"Having been chosen out of over 3,600 applicants, we are very motivated as we now have access to seed funding, mentorship and leadership opportunities to help finance the business launch and propel Oorja in helping to reduce social exclusion, combat energy poverty and improve food security for small-holding farmers in rural India." says Clementine Chambon, Co- Founder of Oorja.
Amit shares: "I am extremely delighted to announce that I have been awarded the prestigious 2015 Echoing Green Climate Fellowship! We now have access to propel our social enterprise, implementing sustainable solutions to intractable social challenges of energy poverty, food security and climate change."
Check Amit and Clementine profiles here:
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